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PROVIDE THE SPARK THAT INSPIRES A GENERATION! Become a 4-H Volunteer today and help create life-changing experiences for youth in your community!

Volunteering is an opportunity for you to share your personal interests by demonstrating expertise in subjects as varied as robotics, food and nutrition, public speaking, agricultural science, community service and more. In 4-H, you can leverage your experience and skills to help a young person find their own passions and interests.

And with a variety of options, you can decide on the level of involvement that fits your skills and schedule:

• Lead youth within school-based, after-school and camp settings, or through a community club
• Serve as a chaperone, board member, judge or camp counselor
• Develop and support service opportunities for youth in your own community
• Teach using curriculum developed by Rutgers university
• Work with other adults to create fun and
exciting programs

Find the 4-H program nearest you by giving us a call at 609 465 5115 x 3605.  Learn how to make and impact in your community.  We'd love to have you!


4-H prepares young people to step up to the challenges in their community and the world.

Kids can join a 4-H club, go to camp, or take part in our county fair. There

are lots of exciting activities– from horses to fishing, from cooking and nutrition to
science, from bunnies to shooting sports.


In addition to clubs, 4-H partakes in partnership activities with various schools and other youth-serving organizations in the area.

Rutgers University’s NJ Agriculture Experiment Station and our County Board of Commissioners are partners in making the 4-H Program of Cape May County a valuable contribution to our county’s youth.

You can join 4-H if you are in Kindergarten through one year out of high school. Cloverbuds is designed especially for younger kids. Call The Rutgers Cooperative Extension office at 609 465 5115 x 3605 to find out what projects and activities are available for youth your age.

Visit the Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Cape May County's website:





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